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Quotes Thanks for making my Samsung G 3 work. He took the time to tell me exactly what I needed to do and got it working so fast.......I was nervous after reading that it could screw up my phone. They didn't screw it up, and I save 62.50 a month from what I was paying. RECOMMEND!!!! Quotes

Quotes Getting my ATT Iphone MMS to work with my Straight Talk plan proved to be challenging. Flash It did not give up and spent several hours troubleshooting until the problem was resolved. Great to deal with. I will use them again if I ever need to!!! Thanks Jason! Quotes

Quotes Wow! You guys are great. We were paying over 240 dollars a month on our family plan, and that wasn't even unlimited. Now we are paying 135, and everyone in the family can talk, text, and internet as much as they want. I can't believe that we just now found out about this! Thanks Quotes
Mr. & Mrs. Peterson

Quotes Thanks a bunch. I was a little concerned with the whole remote flashing process, but it worked just like you said it would. I am now saving 55 dollars a month and getting more than I was with Verizon. I was paying 110 dollars a month for their unlimited plan. Now, only 55! And I am getting the same coverage and plan. Great job Flash it! Quotes
Great Job with my phone

Quotes 5.0 star rating 4/20/2013 Great service! Super friendly, painless to deal with! I highly recommend 'Flash It!' Quotes

Quotes Very nice guy. Super customer service. Big thumbs up :) Quotes
sheeluh farnay

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robert D.

Quotes Fast, reliable, and easy instructions on flashing phone. Will do business again Quotes
john dejon

Quotes Great communication. A pleasure to do business with!! He got it done the first time....thanks! thecellphonenerd ( 36595) Feb-18-13 Quotes
The cell phone nerd

Quotes Highly Recommended...Excellent support team!!! AAAA+++++ Buyer: twins316 ( 219) Feb-23-13 Quotes
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